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It seems common place to combine a certain wine with a specific dish. Beer on the other hand was for a long time not viewed as a complex beverage with strongly varying types and styles, more or less fitted for certain types of

food. Luckily, this prejudice is disappearing. Who would have thought that a Weissbier is an excellent compliment to asian dishes or that malty Lager beers tend to go well with sushi? Vegetarians will love grilled vegetables with a good full Schwarzbier!

Due to it's complex process of production, about twice as many nuances are possible in a beer as in wines. Thats alone is saying alot! We at hope to give you a glimpse of what tasting experiences you can achieve when combining the right beer with the right food


Cheers to that and bon appétit

Stewed beef with bacon bits, mashed parsnips and potatoes, brussel sprouts, black currant jelly and leek goes well with the bready, malty and slightly bitter Eriksberg Lager