Nightmare Before Christmas

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Gørløse, DK


Imperial Stout, ABV 10,0%


Roasted malts with many herbal notes and chocolate, raisin and rum. Sweet and herbal finish


Large aroma of sweet and roasted malts with alcohol notes, christmas seasoning, cinnamon, ginger, chocolate


Pours deep black with red texture

Brewme says...

Serve at 10-12° C with rich stews, chicken with smoked or honey glaze, christmas seasoned dishes and deserts


The Nightmare Before Christmas Imperial Stout does really taste like a Christmas Pudding, especially the finish is something really out of the ordinary. It has a lovely dry and warming mouthfeel and the alcohol gives it a nice edge, though it is not as dominant as one may expect at 10% ABV


From the bottle...

I hate beers brewed with spices... Spiced beer is a god awful... HORRIBLE!... INEXPLICABLE...!!... THING!!! that should be fought with wooden stakes, silver bullets and garlic! But then again, there are exeptions to every rule... there are some pretty tasty beers out there which are brewed with spices... And given the fact that the brewers at Stronzo are brave adventurous souls who like to fight fire with fire - of course we had to give it a try. Christmas Pudding in a glass - enjoy!