Tuborg Julebryg

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København, DK


Premium Lager, ABV 5,6%


Malty with some sourness and herbs


Malty roasty sweetness is very dominant combined with a touch of hop bitterness, caramel, herbs, grain, blackcurrant and licorice notes



Clear dark copper

Brewme says...

Served at 7-10° C as a social drink, with red meats, stews, roast pork, duck, smoked fish, grilled/fried herring, smoked ham with curly kale


Tuborg Julebryg, the traditional danish Christmas Beer, was invented in 1981 by mixing KB hvidtøl, Tuborg FF and Tuborg Guld. Julebryg is a bottom-fermented, wiener beer brewed on lager, münchener and caramel malt with English liquorice


Although Tuborg Julebryg is a seasonal beer and is only on the market for ten weeks every year, it is still Denmark’s fourth best selling beer.


Tuborg Julebryg is known for its blue and white advertisement. However, most people probably do not know that the famous animated commercial, which features Santa Claus in blue clothing, is actually older than the beer itself. The commercial was originally launched in 1980 as a special holiday commercial for ordinary Tuborg pilsner in Denmark.


The annual launch in Denmark, known as “J-day”, takes place the first Friday in November and is a day of celebration across Denmark. Carlsberg employees dress up in blue Santa suits and spend the evening driving around in beer trucks and horse carriages all over the country’s biggest cities to personally deliver free beers to the consumers who are waiting in anticipation. On J-day, the danish police usually use all their people both to safeguard the delivery of Julebryg and to look after the oerly happy Danes.


Because of the label design with white snow falling on a blue background, the beer is often called snow beer.

(Source: carlsberggroup.com)