Fässla Zwergla

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Decent sweet malts with fruity, caramel and grainy notes, finished bitter

Brewme says...

Served at 8-10° C as a social drink, with stews or goulash or a cold platter


The Fässle brewery can be traced back to the year 1649. Shortly after the 30-year war the nrewer Hanß Lauer started brewing beer in today's brewery, which was built in the 14th century. According documents found, the brewery was acquired by brewer Paul Lutz Fässla in January 1898. Since October 1986 the family Kalb is continung the Fässla brewing tradition, serving guests and beer drinkers with the spirit of the little dwarf, who for centuries has been used as the beer's emblem, tirelessly rolling beer barrells




Bamberg, DE


Dunkel, ABV 6,0%


Toasted sweet malts, bread and caramel


Clear chestnut