Stralsunder Pils

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Essen, DE


Pilsener, ABV 4,8%


Hops, grain, floral, citrus


Clear straw to gold


Malty sweetness, citrus, floral, hop bitterness. Herbal, sour and bitter finish

Brewme says...

Served at 7-8° C as a social drink, with white meat, fish, steak or cheese



A standard Pilsener with an interesting history:


During the German Empire (Kaiserreich), the Stralsunder brewery, founded in 1827, enjoyed a great reputation and sales, due to it's location amongst the German seaside resorts by the Baltic Sea, becoming one of the standards regarding Hanseatic beer brewing.


Following WWII and the nationalization of property in the German Democratic Republic (DDR), the brewery and it's beer had to face up to several problems. Not only was it hard to update the outdated technology, but also to obtain the necessary raw meterials for the beers. Sometimes having to use animal products for fermentation, the Stralsunder beer came to be known as the worst beer in the GDR with the brewing starting on monday and the same beer being sold on sunday.


Following the German reunification in 1990 new investments returned the Stralsunder beer to it's former quality. Due to the bad reputation which the beer had gained throughout the former GDR, the Stralsunder brewery was renamed as Störtebeker Braumanufaktur, now focusing on high quality craft beers. The Stralsunder beer ist still being sold under it's original brand name.