HC Andersen Eventyr

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Odense, DK


Strong Pilsener, ABV 9,0%


Full with quite a bit of alcohol, some malt sweetness and bitter finish



Sweet malts, caramel, alcohol


Clear golden

Brewme says...

Served at 7-8° C as a social drink or with seasoned or peppered meat


Eventyr is Danish for adventure and this beer is nothing less of it. Though the alcoholic notes are not as domonant as one may think, this is still a beer for those who like it full and strong.


Dedicated to the great Danish poet and writer Hans Christian Andersen. To celebrate the city of Odense's 1,000-year anniversary in 1988, the Albani prepared a special brew for this occasion. The result was so sought after, that Albani launched the special brew under the name of Hans Christian Andersen the year after. Since then the HC Andersen beer is released every year on Hans Christian Andersen's birthday on April 2nd. The label each year bears a new paper clip made by the poet himself.


HC Andersen is a numbered beer