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Mitterteich, DE


Zoigl, ABV 5,5%


Malts and hops, floral, grain, herbs


Sweet malts, grains fruits, herbs, minerals. Some mold notes



Hazy amber

Brewme says...

Served at 8-10° C as a social drink, with roasted meat, stews or a bavarian "Brotzeit"


One of the lesser Zoigl beers available, mostly because it has somewhat of an unpleasant moldy touch to it. We would recommend that you pick something else from the fine collection of beers which the Hösl brewery is offering


The Zoigl is a Kellerbier, typical for the Upper Palatinate in Germany. Brewed from water, malt, hops and yeast, this bottom fermented and unfiltered beer used to be brewed at a brewery owned by the municipality (Kommunbrauhaus), the yeast and spices were then added to the unfinished beer at the brewer's own basement where it was stored until it was ready to be served. This old tradition is still alive in some villages in the Upper Palatinate, the brewery Hösl is derived from this traditional brewing.