Scherdel Schlappenbier

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A well rounded Bock. Full and heavily sweet, notes of malt and caramel with a bitter finish

Brewme says...

Served at 10° C with crêpes suzette, game meat, stews or a cold platter.


The beer is traditionally brewed each year for the Hofer Schlappentag in a strictly limited quantity so that it always remains something special.


On January 25, 1430, the City of Hof was stormed without significant resistance. To prevent further invasions, the citizens were urged to equip themselves with handguns and i 1432 a shooting club was founded whose members were olbliged to shooting practice.


On the last day of shooting the participants were rewared with the so called Schlappenbier which was browed for this day only. The Schlappentag is celebrated on the 1st sunday after Trinity.


Hof, DE


Heller Bock, ABV 6,5%


Moderate malty, notes of grain, hay and caramel


Deep gold to honey