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Ellon, Scotland


Pale Ale, ABV 3,8%


Dry and turfy, some fruity hops and malts


Clear amber


Very dominant fruity hops scent with hints of citrus, basil, syrup

Brewme says...

Serve at 8-10° C with asian dishes, as an aperitif, with poultry or salad


The Dead Pony Pale Ale is all about the scent, you don't find such a dominant and fruity aroma very often. Open the can and you will instantly find yourself in a tropical oasis


"Some people say slow is good. We believe fast is better. Being shot from a Howitzer beats the hell out of trotting round a paddock. That’s why the internal combustion engine got mounted on two wheels. Screw down the throttle and listen to that dull banshee howl floating back from those malted mufflers. Fuel up and hold tight, this thoroughbred kicks like a mule"